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Okay so only in Oklahoma can you have a HAIL STORM and then have the temps start dropping to expect a snow storm to have the temps to come back to be in the 60's by Sunday!!

This afternoon around 3 it starts hailing like a SOB!!!  Well Annie, Jesse's dog is running around EATTING it!  I mean like it's DOG FOOD!  And she's having the TIME of her life!!  I'm freaking out calling her and she's ignoring me like I'm calling her away from her food.  It was HILARIOUS.  And I'm talking about marble sized hail too!  And the funnier part is she's yulping while it's hitting her but she's still eatting it.  FINALLY she did come in out of it, but everytime one came in to the barn she ate it.  It was great fun to her.  And when it stopped she ran right out and ate all that she could.

Well now the temps are going to start falling and tomorrow night we're expecting snow.  They're saying 1 to 3 inches RIGHT now, but the snow line could move over and we could be in the 3 to 6 inch area VERY easily.   But hey it won't last long.  Sunday we'll be up to 63 I believe.  So this is just mother nature reminding us who's ACTUALLY in control! 

Well I just thought I'd share about our *wonderful* weather.  For whatever reason I'm frickin tired tonight.  I don't understand it!



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Mar. 28th, 2009 03:01 pm (UTC)
I can't believe you guys were expecting snow!!! And here I am wishing the temps would go back down before it gets way too hot. :) I think Steve wants us to eventually move to Tulsa so maybe some day down the line we will be sorta neighbors :)
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