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A mare FINALLY foaled, BUT......

Okay well a mare FINALLY foaled, but it wasn't one that I was waiting on....

Princess foaled a gorgeous chestnut (maybe red dun?) colt.  His name is Jim.  Apparently True's first baby was named Justin?!?!  So now we have Jim.  So I was just playing around and I was like "well According to Jim...."....So now they're going to try to make that his registered name.  Kind of like Charlie's registered name is Playing with Chicks.  LOLOL. 

He got his because his he always acted like a playboy.  And they wanted to keep him a stud.  LOLOL.  I was just screwing around when I was blurted out "you know he should just be registered "Playing with Chicks" they wanna bred him and he thinks he's a playboy anyway".

I've got a great one for my Dream's baby that'll work for either a boy or girl.  I'm not posting it here tho.  LOLOL.  Ugh I'm SOOOO torn if I should breed Dream to Morris or just keep her open and fit and show her.  UGH UGH UGH

Only 4 weeks until the Dreams are due.  Less than 3 weeks until Ghawn Zippins Due.  Oh and we're over on True and Tramp!!!

They're saying winters returning this weekend.  For joy.  For Joy!  What the hell is going on?!?!

Dave's going to a horse show this weekend too.  So they'll foal for sure.  UGH!

Okay I'm gonna run now.  I need to get some shit done. We've collected EVERY DAY since Sunday.  Today is NO different.  And tomorrow too!  OMG I don't think we collected 4 days in a row last year!



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Mar. 28th, 2009 03:04 pm (UTC)
sounds like things are keeping you busy! i was going to go and ride this morning, but the damn directtv guy is supposed to show up any minute from now until noon. ugh! everyone is finished at the ranch around 1, so no riding for me this weekend (their day off is sunday).
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