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Okay - I know I'm probably getting jumpy now that Dave and Connie are out of town for the day/night, but I swear these mares are just driving me NUTS!!!

True was due on the 19th and Tramp was due on the 20th and both look like they *might* foal, but so far NOTHING!!

We do have the foal alert system up and running (and sewn into the mares), but last year it failed me with Platium SOOOOO I don't trust it 100%.  And the last few false alarms I haven't received the call even tho everyone else did. 

Last night Tramp kept me up most of the night up against the wall.  My house is like 10 feet from the breeding/foaling barn and her stall is RIGHT outside my bedroom wall so I hear ALL that goes on in those 2 stalls. 

I'm just jumpy since I've been looking forward to Tramps baby since before we bred her.  She's in foal to Reinvest In Gold.  That should be a DYNOMITE baby!!!!  If it ever comes! 

Okay I just had to whine for a second about it....... UGH I just want sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't worry I'll post when they foal (if they foal) and photos of the babies when they come!!  We have 4 more due after them - Princess is next and due the 26th.

Then it's Ghawn Zippin on the 18th of April and then Dream #1 and Dream #2 on the 28th (together - which I know I've posted about that here).