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So tomorrow is my 27th bday....... *SIGH*

I know - I should be SOOOOO excited for it to be my birthday and all, but I'm not.  Infact I'm dreading turning 27.

That'll make me in my LATE 20's with no steady relationship, a job that's rocky sometimes (which who's isn't right now?) and not really living on my own (although I've been out of the same house with my mom for 18+ months!). 

Maybe I'm just BLAH because I'm sick??  OMG my eye looks like it has pink eye, but I know it can't be because I'm not rubbing the shit out of it.  But it's all swollen and red and looks nasty.  That started yesterday morning with just a little swelling.  By lunch it was starting to ooz puss.  By the night it was just running green shit out of it. 

I spent last night on Dave's loveseat (which he and Connie were out to dinner mind you) watching the Syracuse/Loisville game.  I fell a sleep before half time (which Syracuse was up by 8 or 10 I think). And I guess they came home shortly after I fell asleep.  Dave said he thought I was playing possum, but I wasn't.  I was truely asleep!!! 

Anywho - I woke up at 2:30 or 3 this morning and my eye was matted shut and my other eye was well on its way to being that way.  SOOOOO not good at all - I did barn work that way (watered the barns/hayed the show barn - I felt bad that I didn't grain the other horses, but I was hurting too damn bad and I really just wanted to get to sleep). 

I took zyrtec last night and that helped my eye so I'm wondering if I have a horrible sinus infection and I have a blocked duct somewhere and hence the mucus can't drain and it coming out through my tear duct????  It's happened to me a LONG time ago when I was 8 or 9.  We had to flush my sinus cavitity out (which was NO fun!!).  I can't remember exactly how my eye felt then, but I can say this IT HURTS TO CRY!!!!

Oh and my throat is sore.  I dunno why.  And I have a large lump on the side of my neck.  Not sure why either.  I'm just generally falling apart right now.

Have I talked much about my shoulder???  OMG the SOB is KILLING me these days!!  I need to get in to see my ortho, but you know after the gallbladder surgery in January I haven't been too keen on going to the doctor AT ALL.  The hospital bill is KILLING me.  14k+ WTF.  The surgeon was even that much!  GEEZ!!

Dave and I haven't been fighting MUCH.  We still have our moments though.  LOL.

I went out with Jess and Connie today.  Connie was looking for a dress and shoes for Whitney's wedding.  She said she'd give Whitney 1k if she didn't have to go.  Connie doesn't travel well I guess.  Anyway - after an afternoon of shopping she got Dave a new blue shirt and COOL tie, Cat Food, and Rabbit Hay/Food.  Oh yes - not ONE single item for HER for the wedding, but Dave's good to go!

That cracks me up.  I hate shopping for myself too.  But if you turn me loose to dress someone else then I can do it ALL day long, but I guess it's because I personally feel I'm a fat beached whale and I HATE everything I try on................

Okay - well I'm gonna run - my eye is starting to sting from focusing on the computer screen.  So let's all join in with me for the Happy Birthday song.  "Happy Birthday to me - Happy Birthday to me"..... AHHH fuck it.  BLAH!  This is worse than being grumpy at Christmas Time!!!!




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Mar. 20th, 2009 02:52 am (UTC)
Ok, I'm officially a very bad friend because I never remember birthdays :( SO SO SO VERY SORRY! There's nothing wrong with 27. There is a problem with being 29 this year though - that means I'm living the last couple months of my 20s - ugh! I hope your eye is better now! I hate that wake up/can't open your eyes thing. And don't worry - I never like anything I try on at stores too. It looks amazing in pictures and on maniquins but as soon as I put it on - YIKES! Ok, back to laundry. Talk to you soon - I really need to check this more often.
Mar. 21st, 2009 01:34 pm (UTC)
Don't worry about it - Connie and Jess apparently forgot too until the Saturday before. Then it was a rush to get it on. LOLOL. I forget everyone elses b-day too UNLESS it's written down in my date book. If I ever lost the damn thing I'd be SCREWED, but I can remember Daves and Brians b-days without an issue.

Oh here is an interesting fact - Abbey Beck and I share the same B-day. I find that funny and scarey all at the same time. I need to email David. Connie keeps telling me he's waiting on an email.

Oh and another interesting fact unrelated to B-days but related to Becks - Stefani speaks fluent Polish. Did you know that??? My father and her would've gotten along famiously. However I remember very little Polish as he mostly spoke Russian to me. Gotta love having a dad who spoke 4 languages! *sigh*

Okay well I better get my ass back to work. Dave and Connie are leaving in a bit and I think I need to make myself appear busy - even though this is *my* day off. LOLOL.
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